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10 Ways to Use Any Soft Cheese


Soft cheeses are one of the most versatile cultured foods that you can make. Just a few minutes of prep and a few hours of set time can provide you with some pretty amazing soft cheeses that can then be tossed in the refrigerator and used for so many things, adding a delicious probiotic cultured kick to any and all mealtimes!

Here are just a few ways that soft cheese can spruce up, accompany, or fill out your menu:

  • Use it as a cracker spread, keeping it cold and adding any herbs or seasonings you like.
  • Use it in place of sliced cheese in sandwiches, or, if it is soft enough, even in place of mayonnaise!
  • Drain it an extra hour or two, and use it to cover or fill a casserole or lasagna. It can top any meal: tacos, eggs, soup, noodles, anything you would put normal cheese atop. Soft cheese won’t melt like hard cheese, but it will add interesting new flavor and texture to an otherwise ordinary meal.
  • Cut up fresh vegetables or even ham pieces and stir them in or dip them into soft or semi-soft cheese to make a delicious, probiotic-filled lunch.
  • Make this dip.
  • Use it as a filling for tostadas, egg rolls, or even ravioli!
  • With less draining time, you can make it just slightly thicker than yogurt and stir in fresh fruit, jam, or juice and use it as a delicious bagel or toast topping.
  • You can use soft cheeses in place of sour cream in some recipes (not generally in baking).
  • Toss in a touch of basil, oregano, thyme and/or herbs de Provence, sea salt and black pepper, and serve with hot French bread for a great addition to spaghetti or any other pasta and sauce meals.
  • Toss it in the cheese press for a few hours, making it a firm round shape, then slice it up and serve it with crackers, paper-thin sliced fermented sausages, thin slices of pickles, and hummus for a completely cultured finger-food meal. 


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