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Milk Kefir Starter Kit

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Milk Kefir Starter Kit

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Product Review (submitted on July 18, 2014):

My first week of kefir making did not go well. I had bought a store brand organic milk, since the first week the kefir pretty much wakes up and starts producing, and I did not want to waste expensive milk for this process. After the second day in the store brand milk, my kefir started making an extremely foamy, yeasty brew, that tasted like alcohol. I tried fixing this overgrowth of yeast any way I could think of without success. I was about to throw away the kefir grains. I had run out of the cheaper organic milk, and just to keep the kefir until the next day, I added my usual drinking milk, a brand name organic whole milk from pasture raised cows. The next morning I had perfect mild wonderful kefir ! The store brand milk obviously caused this yeast overgrowth, so if you run into this problem, change milk brand.
I have a glass of this kefir every morning now. It tastes wonderful. Mild, and so thick, I could use it like a yogurt.

Note from CFH The yogurt texture can be a little stressful for small grains. We normally recommend culturing to a "thickened-milk" texture, more like buttermilk to ensure that the new grains are getting plenty of fresh food (milk). Great job on the change in milk, it can certainly make a difference and don't forget to try a second fermentation on your finished milk kefir. You'll find instructions here: http://www.culturesforhealth.com/second-fermentation-milk-kefir