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Kombucha Starter Culture

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Kombucha Starter Culture

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Product Review (submitted on July 13, 2014):

BUT so far I am very much impressed.

1. Although for some still unknown reason I was unable to order online, the customer service folks at CFH were very helpful and entered my order for me. It arrived in the amount of time they promised.
2. At the same time I am re-hydrating my scoby from CFH, I'm also attempting to grow a new one from a bottle of raw kambucha that I purchased. Why? Just for comparison's sake. I love a science project.
3. For the first five days the scoby sat on top of the tea mixture and seemed to me to grow a bit thicker. Somewhere around day five or six, the scoby fell at one end so it is now only on the surface at one end and is somewhat "sideways" in the tea.
4. At day 8 because I could not wait any longer (impatience) I used a test strip to find out the pH of my tea. It was a good 3.5 (acidic). I'm encouraged and impressed.
5. Particulars: I used a quart mason jar and simply followed the instructions that came with the scoby. The instructions say to use a kitchen towel, a coffee filter, or cheesecloth. I used a paper towel because it was thin enough that I could place the band of the mason jar back on over the paper towel to hold it in place. I put the scoby in the tea and it floated at first (see above) then went catty whompus.
6. I have purchased a one gallon "sun tea" jar so once the scoby is rehydrated I can make a gallon at a time. I also plan to experiment with "flavors" once I have the kambucha in bottles. So far, I'm thinking spices more than fruit flavors (ginger and cardamom head the list).